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No Drama - James Hype & Craig David

Chart topping house music producer and UK Garage legend team up to make a UK smash it!

James Hype, the original DJ to make from a resident DJ playing 7 nights a week in local clubs across the UK to now being the fastest and most exciting name in house music. Craig David, arguably a UK pioneer of UK Garage from back in the day and one of Drake's inspirations.

James's debut single More Than Friends was the greatest dance record of 2017/2018 and is still heavily supported by local and national radio. No Drama looks set to have the same level of impact as it gains streams and radio support in the hundreds of thousands daily since it's release this week (14/09/18).

Check out the music video for No Drama above. The video stays true to how the song came about. James messaged Craig and said he had a great beat for Craig to Jump on, and the rest is history. The Music video was filmed in Ibiza at Ibiza Rocks during Craig David's world famous TS5 pool party.

James Hype & Craig David - No Drama is available to stream everywhere now, click here to go to your favourite streaming service!

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